Produced Water Management for the Modern Age

Are you ready to put an end to short-hauling? Do you wish there was a way to ensure transparency and visibility from your water haulers? Eagle Field Tech is here with a solution to maximize your operation profits and allow you to put trust into your contractors.



FieldFlow is a simple and streamlined water-hauling solution. Within FieldFlow, you will no longer have to rely on hand-written tank readings from your contractors. FieldFlow allows you to track your tank level at every step of the way. With the push of a button, sensors automatically record tank levels at arrival and departure, accurate to within ½ barrel. Keep your contractors safely on the ground and off of the tanks with our sensors.

FieldFlow offers significant cost savings for both the producers and the haulers.  In addition to tracking with ease, FieldFlow also offers a reduction of lost production due to shut in, while increasing dispatching and invoice approval efficiency.

Still not convinced? Find out how to get your FREE TRIAL of FieldFlow from Eagle Field Tech HERE. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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