produced water management for haulers

FieldFlow: Applications for Haulers

With FieldFlow from Eagle Field Tech, haulers have the ability to reduce liability and keep their employees safe, for a lower-cost produced water management for haulers option. Haulers are also able to offer customers transparency and win business from competitors who use traditional hauling methods. 

Hauler Benefits

Timely and Accurate Cost Data per Job

With FieldFlow, Eagle Field Tech has the ability to tell you exactly what your cost and margin are per bbl. Keep an eye on your profits and have clear results. 

Back Office Management

Reduce your payment cycle with FieldFlow by decreasing invoice complaints. Give customers a full overview of exactly how you’re charging them and decrease backed invoices to get paid faster. 

Production Management

FieldFlow offers efficient dispatching. Once a job is requested, you can view real-time who is in the area and send them straight over to the new job with no delay. 

Data Integration 

FieldFlow has a full  REST API for easy system integration. We can push and pull data through FieldFlow with ease. 

Additional Improvements to Core Business

Add value to your existing and potential customers with FieldFlow. Transparent hauling will win you business over your competition. 

Reduce unnecessary costs with FieldFlow: 

Decrease necessary over time by ensuring jobs are done right the first time. 

Avoid weight violations with real-time weight readings for each of your trucks. 

Safety, Safety, Safety! Keep your employees on the ground, off of tanks, and away from harmful VOCs. 

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