It can be hard to manage tanks in multiple well-pad locations. The urge is always to put all of your focus and resources to your most active tanks, but you shouldn’t neglect your lower-production tanks. We understand sending a crew out to check readings can be expensive and cost valuable time, so we’d like to offer you a cost-effective, low-production tank monitoring solution.

EagleVision from Eagle Automation is an affordable, sensor-based monitoring system that can be placed on remote tanks for quick and easy reads from anywhere through your existing SCADA service.

But how does EagleVision work?

Low-Production Tank Solutions

EagleVision Benefits

Low production well visibility is now economical:
See tank levels on locations with older wells that have low production volumes and may not warrant complete site automation and measurement

Improve your operational efficiency with back office and SCADA system integrations:
Integrations are possible with your existing back-office and SCADA systems. Eliminate the need for re-keying data into your existing setup, reduce manual entry errors, and have consistent data across the board, no matter which system you’re referencing.

Our online platform provides analytics, reports, maps and more:
With our online data platform, you can easily see all current tank levels on one convenient screen, as well as in a map view. Easily view historical trends and insight into future levels with advanced forecasting algorithms. Configurable alarms and notifications allow you to set alarm levels by tank.

Get customized alerts before an overflow occurs:
Our system will alert field and office personnel of tanks approaching overflow conditions. Alerts can be customized to desired levels.

Keep your men on the ground, eliminate tank gauging and exposure to VOC’s:
With EagleVision, you’ll be able to remotely view tank levels that update multiple times per day, while enabling any field personnel to see current levels on-location.

Boost team productivity, no need to have personnel drive to location to check tank levels:
Enable your team to focus on higher producing wells by reducing the requirement to have your well operator drive out to these sites just to check tank levels.

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